The Drunkard's Jam (print)
The Drunkard's Jam (print)

The Drunkard's Jam (print)

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In this painting Marcel Jams with one of the greatest jazz trio's to have ever existed. The music is on fire! (hence the flames in the background...) At least so he thought... 

In reality, he got thrown out of the venue after drunkenly climbing on the stage and proceeding to wreck a priceless drum kit.


This is a high quality inkjet art print on 350 gram paper indistinguishable in quality from the original. Every single print is hand-finished with touch-ups in gouache and ink. The image itself is roughly A5 sized and is printed with a white border on A4 sized paper. All prints come unframed for the time being. 

All prints are signed, titled and numbered in pencil  (with only 25 prints per painting).