The launch of a new hub for music enthousiasts with an eclectic taste!

Ever since I first created the website, it had been the plan to mainly make this a blog, a hub of sorts for people who share some or all of my interests! It has taken a while, but the day has finally arrived. :-)

Those of you who follow me on Youtube/ Facebook/ Twitter will know that I focus a lot on jazz and jazz related genres of music there. The truth is; that while the majority of my interest in music is definitely centered around jazz, I also like a plethora of other genres. This blog will be a place for me to write about soul, new wave, even pop music. In short: music that I like very much but will never feature on the Youtube channel.

What will you be able to expect?

The very short answer: Art and music! 

On here, you'll see interviews with musicans, reviews of albums, interesting and funny stories about music and musicians aswell as my personal experiences running a Youtube channel, interacting with musicians and navigating the pittfalls of copyright law.

While listening to and curating music is definitely my primary hobby, my true field of expertise is and has always been art. I have always had an enormous interest in painting and over the years, mostly through trial and error have built up a bit of knowledge about the subject.

I don't want this introductionary post to drag on for to long so I'll keep it at that for now! Stay tuned and hopefully you'll enjoy the content I'll provide here!



  • Ryu Fukui, My Favorite Tune, brought me here.

  • If you know good music, you know good music. Regardless of genre, Im excited to see what you have to offer sir.

    R DOG
  • Thanks for the great music and the great discoveries !

    Matthieu Tessier
  • Great work man!

    Huge thanks from Portugal!

    júlio Schulz

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