The Adventures of Marcel the Drunkard: A first look!

Making this comic book has been both the most time consuming and fun project I've ever worked on.

After two weeks of almost non-stop working on it, I finally have something to show for it! These are WIP versions of the first 7 pages. Only page 1- 4 have been coloured at this point. 

Most dialog is missing right now and sound effects need to be added but it gives you an idea of what to expect. Let me know in the comments what you think! :-)


  • Marcel/Brent,
    Where are you, bro? :-/

    William Lever
  • Definitely a lot of promise. Can’t believe you did this in 2 weeks! One page usually takes a week for me..

    Love the establishing shots. I don’t exactly know what’s going in the story on yet, but I’m looking forward to more. Keep us updated!

    PS No love for the Brosman bond? lol

  • Great work. Very promising. Keep it up! And let me know where I can buy the finished piece. Blessings!

    Sha Dhar
  • Excellent work! Excited to see more of this once you finish drawing & coloring. And Moore is my favorite Bond as well…

    Jan Tabz
  • Nice comic, I enjoyed it, the drawing is different from other art styles. I hope wish you luck in getting popular with your art style!

    Takada Law

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