My first real blog post and hopefully the start of a series!

As some of you may know, Marcel the Drunkard as a character originated from a novel I started writing back in 2014 called "The incredible adventures of Marcel the Drunkard and other tall tales".

A catchy title, I know.

In this novel, a drunkard by the name of Marcel and his gang of equally ridiculous friends get into all sorts of crazy situations. At some point, while gatecrashing a party, they accidentally bring about the apocalypse.
I've been working on this novel on and off for the past four years, getting as far as writing a sequel. All this time, the thought of turning Marcel's adventures into a comic book had been lingering in my head. After four years of contemplation, I've finally deciced to just go ahead and do it. The thought that finally pushed me to get started was; even if it doesn't work out the way I want it to (due to lack of skill or time), at least it'll be good practice.
In this blog I will be documenting the steps I've taken to get this project from just and idea to a finished product. The purpose of this will be both to help people struggling with technical problems, as well as to document the process for my own future use.

That's it for now and if you're interested in following the project; stay tuned! I'll try to post at least weekly about this. :-)


  • Quite impressive, after you found that hidden record i have great expectations for you, i wish you good luck fellow marcel!

    Takada Law
  • Sounds like an interesting project alright.
    Unfortunately none of the images on this page seem to be loading for me right now but I will make sure to check back later and take a look at everything.
    Looking forward to enjoy more of your neat work.

  • Great! i look forward to seeing what you create, your art style is distinct and i have no doubt doing this will make it even better. look forward to future posts!

  • More encouragement from me!

  • Good Luck! Enjoying your music channel :)


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