A guide to submitting your music to Youtube promotion channels

With over 1.8 billion monthly users, Youtube is a great place for getting your music out there.

The easiest (and usually the cheapest) way to get your music promoted is through one of the various music promotion channels. They exist in all forms and shapes; with fanbases anywhere between 100 and a couple of million subscribers. Due to it's extremely large userbase, every possible music genre imaginable is represented; from Romanian space jazz to UK dubstep.

People are catching on to the existence of these channels and even a relatively small sized channel like mine can get anywhere between 1 to 10 submissions a day.

In order to get noticed amongst all these albums, I've compiled a few tips for those interested in submitting their music to my (or someone else's) channel.

1. Make sure the album you're submitting is completely finished

When submitting an album, make sure everything is finished, and mastered, including the album art. Also make sure everyone in the band agrees on having the album uploaded.

2. Make sure you own all the copyright, including any samples you've used

Any promotional channel past a certain number of subscribers will not risk losing their account because of a Copyright strike. Only submit music if you're able to grant copyright permission for everything included in the album.

3. Make my job as easy as possible

The general rule is; the fewer e-mails back and forth between first contact and having the album uploaded, the better. If you want to make my life easier, include the following in your initial e-mail;

- Your name, the name of your band and the name of your album

- A streaming link to the album where I can listen to it without having to download something

- Your social media links

- All information for the description; a list of musician credits, mastering information, release date, label, etc.


4. Before submitting music, try to build up a following of your own

Let's say you've followed every tip perfectly, and submitted an awesome album. The more of an independent following you've built up, the bigger the chance you'll get accepted by a promotion channel.

I hope these tips may prove to be at least somewhat helpful to those looking to get their music promoted. I will provide a follow-up in the coming months with a list of music promotion channels and their genre.

If you're making jazz, jazz fusion, funk, funk fusion or progressive rock and you're interested in having your music promoted; feel free to fill in this form (https://marcelthedrunkard.com/pages/music-submission-form) and I'll get back to you.



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